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Playful Presents is an art shop in San Francisco.

Founder, Artist, Designer, Musician - Based in San Francisco, CA
 Former designer at Apple, Tia is devoted to perfecting everything down to the details and leaving the world better than she found it. Tia spends her life finding playfulness in pockets of everyday life. She founded Playful Presents in 2017. The most important things to Tia are being present and playful. Check out her most recent work - a storytelling video game called Panda, out on the iOS story today! 
Artist, UX Designer - Based in Houston, Texas
Shannon and Tia met in the fall of 2014, studying studio arts together. Self proclaimed "art-sisters," they are on a mission to make the world a better place through art and self-awareness. Shannon is an artist and UX designer. Above all, Shannon loves to make items. She joined PlayfulPresents in 2018 as an artist and UX design intern. As a person who has lived with depression for as long as she can remember, she wants to bring more playfulness and gratitude into the world.  She hopes that this website will make you smile. 

During February 2018 - May 2018, Shannon worked on bringing #DogsOnPhones to life through ideation, drawings, UX design and the hand sculpting of 20+ dogs on phones. The project is still in progress. Stay tuned for updates!
Check out Shannon's Work
Artist, Jeweler, Illustrator, Carpenter, Welder - works out of in Sea Ranch, CA
Purevdorj Dorjsuren
Pujee is a craftsman of all types. He's lived many lives as a photographer, videographer, goldsmith and jeweler, woodworker, illustrator, roofer, ceramicist, sculptor, mechanic, capable of mastering any craft put in front of him with intricate attention to detail and dedication to excellence.
Pujee lives in Sea Ranch building cabins and cars. 

From April 2017 - June 2018, Pujee hand sculpted over 50 of the #Fomosapiens vessels with porcelain and navajo.